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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  November 19, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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involved in the committee to look at these concussion in the nfl are. we doon enough to protect the quarterbacks? >> we're doing everything we wanted to do. the doctor wouldn't let alex smith play. you have to understand the risk and you have somebody outside the player saying i want to be on the field. >> reporter: that was the case this time. you had an independent? >> no, our medical staff and our doctors from stanford said, you know, progress, progress and he hit a wall and the couldn't go. you can't put him out there heene though he wanted to play. >> reporter: all right. let's get the medical talk out of the way let's talk about the new stadium and i know you're excited about that. and if you drive by any of the fans look at it, it's a fantastic facility already. >> it's been fun. a lot of folks didn't think it was going to happen. with hard work and determination we'll have a new football stadium for 2014. >> how are the season ticket sales going? >> great.
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we have the best fans in the league. we have a lot of folks that are already coming down. and now you're starting to open it up to folks that haven't had access to season tickets. >> reporter: price of a beer? lay it on me. >> we haven't decided yet but it's not going to be much different than candlestick. >> thank you, jet york, team owner of the 49ers. back to you guys, guys. let's play football. >> 49ers, bears in half hour. thank you, ken. other news now, the man on the run after a deadly san jose crime spree now has a hefty price on his head. friday night's 90 minutes of mayhem included four armed robberies, a deadly carjacking attempt, and a police shootout. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez spoke with a friend of the man. the victim had the car less than a day? >> a couple of hours. he had just bought the vehicle earlier in the day and later that night he was charged in it. it took the life of one young
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man and almost took the life of a police officer. >> reporter: steven mosley can't believe it's true. his good friend aspiring hip- hop artist rory parkpettiford was just alive and well, the next day he was gone. shot dead in an attempted carjack, at a 7-eleven. >> he was here just picking up some drinks. it jus sucks, somebody just running up and do that. >> reporter: it began friday night at 7:40 p.m. police say masked suspects robbed a little caesar's pizza an story road in san jose, then a gas station, a jack-in-the- box and a spa before they tried to change cars by stealing the bmw at 7-eleven on kylie road in west san jose. after this shooting an officer began tailing the suspect car on highway 280 then tully road when it stopped in the middle of traffic. >> the driver and the passenger both exited the vehicle an began shooting at the officer behind them. >> reporter: bullets tore into
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the police cruiser from all angles. two rounds grazed the officer's gun belt. backup units shot it out with the suspects who drove away again, but the driver, 26-year- old jonathan wilbanks of san jose crashed the car near reid- hillview airport and was arrested. his partner got away on foot and is the subject of an all- out manhunt. >> these were heinous crimes perpetrated by two individuals who clearly have no regard for human life. >> reporter: the police officers association and the mayor's office have combined to offer a $20,000 reward for information leading to the second suspect. >> we know that somebody has information about this and we need their cooperation. >> reporter: and police say that if you have information that can help their investigation, you can call 911, call the police department, look up a crimestoppers number on the police department website and they stress that you can do so anonymously. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. new at 5:00, right now san jose police are at the scene of
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a shooting. police found a man hit by gunfire two hours ago in the stairwell of an apartment on laughlin avenue by spokane drive. the shooting victim is expected to survive. no word if there's a connection to friday's crime spree. a 4 hour standoff between a man on a transit bus and deputies ended peacefully. several roads were closed while deputies talked the man down. they say the man may have mental health issues. he could face charges of resisting arrest. a man arrested at the oakland airport for wearing a suspicious looking watch is not going to face charges for that. take a look at it. this is the watch the man tried to take past the security checkpoint last thursday. the toggle switch fuses wires of course that got the attention of the tsa. 49-year-old jeffrey mcgann was arrested. the terminal had to be evacuated. >> it's an art project. i travel with number of themes to give to friends and family and people that give me corporate work, et cetera.
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>> mcgann says this was the first time he has got then trouble for wearing his art at an airport. it's another black eye on oakland police as a judge what's whether the department needs a federal takeover -- weighs what the department needs a federal takeover. phil matier reports. >> reporter: oakland's embattled police department is in the spotlight this time by allegations by the police officers union that from the "riders" case to the occupy ride the rank-and-file are being unfairly targeted for mistakes that the brass make. >> we need to defend the rank the -- men and women who work the streets. >> reporter: the union filing came in a federal case to decide if the department should be taken over by the federal court. the police union charges that over the years, the department has failed to train officers adequately failed to provide proper leadership and when things went wrong most recently in the occupy demonstration they disciplined 44 officers while the brass got off scot-
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free. >> there was one probationally lieutenant demoted. aside from that, everyone that suffered discipline was at the range of sergeant and below. it all fell on the shoulders of rank-and-file and it certainly did not. the rank-and-file follow orders. they don't develop the strategy, they don't develop the orders. >> reporter: oakland city officials declined to comment on the union's allegations because it's an ongoing court case. but attorney john burris who has represented victims of police abuse and who is pushing for the federal court takeover of the department said the problem is deeper and that in fact the rank-and-file do shoulder some of the blame. >> the issue is the officers' conduct itself was wrong in each one of these cases. it was improper. if the officers acted properly in all these cases, we wouldn't have a case. >> reporter: one thing both sides agree on at this point is there needs to be a more effective leadership at the top of the oakland police department. and that is basically the federal judge is going to be deciding in the next couple of weeks. it's something that oakland officials doesn't want to see, a takeover but with this in the
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file now, it should make for an interesting case. in the newsroom, phil matier cbs 5. now to the developing conflict in the middle east. tonight, world leaders are pouring on the pressure for israel and hamas to come to a cease-fire. as cbs reporter danielle nottingham shows us, both sides are stepping up their assaults. >> reporter: israel made a second strike on this gaza city building where international and arab media work. the israelis say they killed a senior commander responsible for the hundreds of rockets fired into israel. at least 100 palestinians and three israelis have died since the violence erupted last wednesday. in southern israel, a hamas rocket ripped a hole through an empty school. police say it was one of at least 75 that landed overnight. israel's new iron dome defense system is helping keep casualty numbers low. >> i feel confident that the iron dome is going to be protecting us. >> reporter: the missile shield is successfully taking out
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hamas rockets before they land in populated areas like jerusalem and tel aviv. egypt is take a leading role in trying to broker a cease-fire between hamas and israel. president obama is traveling in asia and has been on the phone with leaders in the region. >> israel has every right to expect that it does not have missiles fired into its territory. >> reporter: israel is move troops to the border and has not ruled out a ground invasion. >> ground invasion is very possible but it's not i don't think what either party would like to see. >> reporter: president obama said a ground war would threaten future peace talks. israel is likely to face more international pressure to end the fighting as civilian casualties climb in gaza. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. mobile five is live tonight in san francisco's financial district where demonstrators are gathered outside the
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israeli consulate calling for an end to the violence in gaza. the group that organized tonight's rally there supports the people of palestine but right near them that group is pro-israeli. similar protests got out of hand in southern california. security had to separate two groups one supporting the israelis the other siding with the palestinians. this happened at a rally yesterday in the city of westwood. wall street has its best day since the election on on theism to avoid the "fiscal cliff" helping the dow climb 208. s&p up 27. nasdaq up 63. black friday frenzy. the deals that are so good, people are already lining up days before thanksgiving. >> good evening to you, paul deanno with your forecast. it is a green monday. heavy rainfall and flooding just to our north. here's a look at futurecast. look at that rain get closer and closer to us. find out when the next round of rain will arrive in the bay area coming up.
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then it's the battle of the backups. dennis o'donnell will take us back out to candlestick park as we county down to the 49ers monday night football game. ,,,, ever this year -- bargain hunters are lining up earli, too. black friday is still r
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not only are retailers starting black friday sales earlier than ever this year, shoppers, bargain hunters lining up early too. black friday is still four days away but at this best buy in pinole some shoppers have already been camping out for three days. they say the deals are wore can it. >> you look for the tv that i want to get the 40" and they are usually $600 to $800. i'm getting it for $179. that's a good deal. >> you can find a black friday survival guide on our website, one oakland nonprofit is celebrating tonight after receiving a prestigious honor from first lady michelle obama. representatives for youth radio joined 11 other organizations today at the white house where they accepted the 2012 national arts and humanities youth program award. the group has trained more than 400 students every year in arts and journalism. >> we congratulate them and turn our eyes skyward and paul deanno in the weather changing
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for us. >> it is changing again. one more round of rainfall before we get to eat that thanksgiving dinner. but yes, you see the clouds outside today, clouds increasing throughout the day. the leading edge of our next weathermaker that's moving in, that said most of sunday all of today has been dry on hi-def def but the strongest radar in the bay area will be active starting this time tomorrow. let's review first how much rain we saw over the weekend. two inches of rain for santa rosa. more than an inch in downtown san francisco, san jose nearly .75". the least amount of rainfall will be inland like concord which got just more than half of an inch of rainfall. concord now 62. livermore 62. oakland the warm spot in the upper 70s. out by candlestick at 64, san francisco the game coming up right here on cbs 5 in a matter of a few minutes. overnight tonight upper 40s, low 50s. that blanket of cloud cover keeping us milder. oakland 53. mountain view 53. san jose down to 50. huge amounts of rainfall.
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there is widespread flooding in seattle and olympia, portland, south to eugene. we'll get the southern fringe of the front tomorrow evening. up to 6" of rain between now and tomorrow at the california- oregon border. it's not that far to our north but we'll get a fraction of that, widespread showers rush hour tomorrow night and wednesday morning. it will be wet out there. the window of opportunity tuesday evening to wednesday morning. once the front clears out sunny and mild for several days including thanksgiving. we'll be include tomorrow, rain tomorrow night into early in the day on wednesday. highs tomorrow 63 for san francisco. san jose 65. pretty close to average. los altos, redwood city, 66. hayward your high 65. rain likely tomorrow evening for walnut creek with a high of 67. san ramon 67. kentfield 62. and low 60s for sausalito, daly city and in san francisco. so we're wet tomorrow night through wednesday morning. then we'll clear out. some sunshine by wednesday afternoon. thanksgiving looks nice and we
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will stay mainly dry from thursday all the way through the big shopping weekend. >> good cooking weather. >> it's going to be great cooking weather. maybe that chili is going to be good because it will be so chilly outside. >> yup. you'll need the energy. >> exactly. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up next, we are going to break this game down, xs and os with jeremy newberry and former raider coach jon gruden. we'll go one on one as we prepare for kickoff for monday night football coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good evening from candlestick park. we are 18 minutes from kingoff between the bears and 49 -- from kickoff between the bears and 49ers of the hello, i'm dennis o'donnell. at 10:30 a.m. the 49ers sent out a statement declaring that alex smith is out of tonight's game against chicago after being evaluated by the team's medical director. smith suffered a concussion last week against the rams and seemed to respond well. he was at practice on wednesday wearing a black jersey. the bottom line is that colin kaepernick is the starter.
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jay cutler also suffered a concussion in last week's game against houston. he was replaced by former raiders starter jason campbell so backup quarterbacks played solid last week. kaepernick scored a rushing touchdown but campbell is no slouch. he was 10-5 against the raiders brought in as strong insurance and tonight the bears are cashing in. >> the reason they went in traffic here. that's the backup. i understand that i'm going to play as hard as i can. i been staying up all nights and days studying film and making sure i can catch up for the time that's been lost. you know, you can't get all the time back. but just try to mentally know exactly what you're doing try to let your physical attributes take over. >> alongside is cbs analyst jeremy newberry formerly a 49er and a raider in fact. jason campbell the former raider quarterback starts tonight. how will it change the offense for chicago, jeremy? >> well, you know, they are going to simplify stuff for them of the he had a week to
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prepare for it which is huge for him coming off last week but the guy's a starter. he knows what he is doing. he played in plenty of big games. they brought him here to be a great insurance policy. he is mobile, big arm. look for him to try to make the 49er defense play honest and go deep to brandon marshall early. >> colin kaepernick last week i thought was a tale of two quarterbacks. the first half not steady on his feet, second half they looked like the quarterback they expected when they drafted him. >> definitely. he brings such a dynamic to the offense. he is a runner and he has a great arm. the guy is, you know, he has some game action under his belt now, and last week he came in kind of got rushed off the bench. he is prepared to be the starter this week knowing that alex may not be able to go so you should see a different quarterback this week. >> despite the fact that jay cutler won't start for chicago already still opposing players. donte whitner the 49ers safety says opposing teams are just getting up when they play san
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francisco. >> with one play specifically in the -- think it was the third or 4th quarter when stephen jackson took a third and 12 caught the ball on a check down and, you know, put a little extra effort into it and got the first down you see the entire sideline explode as if it was the 4th quarter of the nfc championship game. you know? so we understand that teams are, you know, putting a little more effort into it when they play us and we have to step up and accept the challenge and we will. >> matt and brandon marshall the go too guys on offense for the bears. eye-popping numbers but you can expect him to carry the load with cutler out. keep your eye out for michael bush another farmer raider in the chicago backfield and san francisco secondary will have to contain marshall 67 catches second in the league third in yards. now, defensively for chicago they have forced 30 turnovers. this used to be the 49ers domain, jeremy but they got too strong cornerbacks and charles
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dillman is making a opposing offenses could have it up how. >> he comes in there and punches at the ball. he throws a mean upper cut and punching that thing out. so, you know, they prepared for that this week. they have watched it. i guarantee they have worked on it. they know what they are getting into. you have to secure that ball with both hands. >> jim harbaugh was showing tape to the 49ers. we are going to take a quick commercial break. we are counselorsing down to monday night football -- counting down to monday night football on cbs 5. jon gruder will put down his silver and black glasses to talk 49ers next.
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former raider coach jon gruden will be in the booth tonight. i caught up with gruden
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following the espn production meeting this morning. >> jon, were you surprised as we were when you heard this morning about alex? >> i was disappointed obviously but wasn't surprised. the way concussions are today, it's a controversial time when it comes to injuries to the head. so i'm not surprised at all. it's a great opportunity for colin kaepernick that's for sure. >> it is. so you look at campbell versus kaepernick. colin showed something last week. who has the advantage? >> experience goes to campbell. this is his 71st start. i'm intreated buying colin kaepernick. he can run and throw.i'm intrigued by him. he has a bright upside. he has a good offense, confident in his abilities. he will play well. >> does he have the ability to break free when a play breaks
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down he is better at running, would the bears is prepared for that? >> after meeting with urlacher and briggs last night they are prepared for anything. they have feasted on young quarterbacks in their past. so this has every symptom of a game that's going to be a hard- fought defensive struggle but kaepernick is capable like you say of making a long run on his own. >> you're talking about bears defense. most opportunistic in football. last year the 49ers held that mantle. the corners have 15 between them. why are they so optimistic. >> since levy smith has been in chicago since 2004, they have thrived on taking the ball away. this year they are just red- hot. hopefully teams are studying the tape and they're aware of the blind pursuit because they do a great job when you're in a vulnerable position of poking that ball out. san francisco has to take care of it tonight. i think whitner, goldson, they have to create some of their own like you said, they were very good a year ago. >> stephen jackson proved you can run this football against
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the 49ers and i was asking donte whitner about it. he sees this like a super bowl when they play the 49ers. they are up for it concentrate more than maybe two years ago while playing this team. is that it or are there weaknesses now in the 49ers defense? >> stephen jackson came to san francisco on the first four plays and took it to the 49er defense. i think they have to play with the same intensity week in, week out. they can't play down to a 3-5 team. they certainly have to play much better defensively than they did last week. they are capable of doing that. i think they're dominant on all three levels. i'm anxious to see them come back off a tough outing. >> who do you like? >> i like the 49ers. i think the bears struggle in candlestick. i think you have statistics to prove that. i think the 49ers are the most complete and physical team. and think they're going to win a tight game. >> you're such a smart man. you're talking that a local audience and now it. >> yeah. >> did you see frank kelly's impersonation of you? >> yes, i have. i think frank does a great job.
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i'd like to see him start imitating jaworski and keshon and some of the other guys too. >> usually if you just watch the quarterback's demeanor after he throws a ball i know it's complete. >> yes, sir. >> i can just tell. you know? you just throw it you just see the confident rhythm. i know it's complete. >> multiple skills, athletic ability, concentration... got to be a leader, make people follow you... it's about focus, man! >> playing a videogame? >> you know, when people start impersonating you, you know you're doing a good job. >> thank you. i'm just trying to get better, hang on to the job i have. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks for having me. >> okay. now let's take a look at the keys to the game and jeremy newberry, it starts with making sure marshall isn't on the field. >> you have to take him out of the game any way necessary. if you double time, triple team, quadruple team him, one receiver, one quality guy, no number two guy, the next guy has less than 200 yards receiving. next, keep kaepernick healthy. any means necessary. protect him if it means leaving extra tight end to block, protect him and then win the turnover battle.
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this defense wins their games and this team wins their games both of them by winning the turnover battle. we have to do that tonightful we do those three things, 9er victory for sure. >> that's the keys to the game. we'll see you afterwards on the fifth quarter. complete post-game coverage. right now, back to the studio. >> candlestick filling up. mostly cloudy skies. 60 degrees, great flight for football. >> perfect. >> go 9ers! >> bundle up. coming up next on cbs 5. captions by: caption colorado ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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